Hi friend!

I’m Marcie. The mountain loving girl behind Marcie Jean Photography. I’m based out of Utah, where the mountains are big and the coffee is strong. But you better believe I’m always up for an adventure! I live in a suburb outside of Salt Lake City with my husband (Matt), daughter (September James) and two pups (Lola Belle & Piper).

This hobby of mine kicked off when I took a photography class back in high school. I won’t tell you how long ago that was, but let’s just say I learned to shoot with film and develop those photos in a dark room. It continued into college, where I took a couple more classes and has stayed with me ever since. I started to turn it more into a business in 2021, after quitting my career in tech to spend more time with my baby girl. I feel more grateful than ever for the chance to fall in love with souls via the lens of a camera day after day. You are my gift, so thank you!

My goal in any shoot is to capture your unique story in that season. That means a lot of communication beforehand to find out about you, your family, where you feel the most connected to each other – all of this in order to capture what you want to remember most in this season of life.

I get it. Family pictures can feel stressful. Here’s what you won’t find during our time together – me telling you or your kids to say “cheese” or “smile”. If your kids or partner are feeling stressed, it might just be time to take a break and re-group. Our time together is meant to illuminate your unique family connection, not cause additional stress to try and fabricate something that doesn’t already exist within your family dimension. Yes, I’ll give you prompts and things to think about while I run around you like a crazed member of the paparazzi, so don’t stress if you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. Mostly, our time together will be about having fun in a way that only your family can. Sound good? Good. I can’t wait to meet you! Let’s get started.

On your visit here, I hope you find some room to breathe and maybe, just maybe, get inspired about what your family photos could look like.

So pull up a chair. Soon enough, we’ll know each other so well that we can send bouquets of newly sharpened pencils. Now, isn’t that nice?